Plant Tour

Plant Tour Itinerary
Pick-up: 13:00-17:00
Date: April 15, 2016
At: Lobby of TICC
Duration: 4 Hours
Fare: NTD 950 (≒USD31) (Lunch included)

  1. Create Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI)
  2. Research and Development Center for Membrane
    Technology (CMT), Chung Yuan University.

Create Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI)

Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) which integrates textile technology research, development and testing services is a leading and international institute in Taiwan. TTRI now focuses on exploring innovative and original ideas for new textiles applications in filtration market. Meanwhile, TTRI Filter Testing Lab offers several air filter testing. All testing apparatus are set up in TTRI plant, and test data are compared with other famous international testing labs to confirm accuracy.

Recent Main Tasks

  • Create polymers or fibers in the form of nonwovensfor filtration.
    The nonwoven materials based onheat-resistant polymers, nano-fibers or combined structures.
  • Research Anti-Wetting and fouling Membrane distillation (MD) technologyand anti-fouling membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology.
  • Set up liquid filter testing technologies including ISO 2942- verification of fabrication integrity and determination of the first bubble point, ISO 16889- multi-pass method for evaluating filtration performance of a filter element, ISO 3968- evaluation of differential pressure versus flow characteristics and ISO 2943- verification of material compatibility with fluids.



Research and Development Center for Membrane Technology (CMT), Chung Yuan University

The Center’s founding objective lies in promoting the development of membrane technology, excelling academic exchange, and enhancing cooperation with the industrial sector. Its mission encompasses academic research, educational promotion and industrial service, where its tasks consist of innovative research, patent development, technical transfer, academic exchange and technical training.

Objective & Mission

  • In strengthening the research and development environment, we integrate the upstream, midstream and downstream membrane research, and to consolidate instruments and equipment for membrane research and development.
  • In cumulating research manpower, we provide professional personnel with expertise in membrane science and technology deep-rooting sound technology.
  • In establishing an international exchange platform, we execute bilateral research projects, share equipment resources, exchange personnel (seminar, mutual visits, research activities), sign memorandums of understanding (MOU) or agreements, and host international conferences.
  • In promoting scientific and technological know-how, we integrate means of systematic teaching, lecturing or seminar in presenting the membrane science and technology, and recent research findings.
  • In assisting the industrial-academic cooperation, sample test and analysis, as well as counseling services in assisting the industrial sector.


Our ambition is to make the R&D Center for Membrane Science and Technology at Chung Yuan University an internationally renowned organization specialized in:

  • Advancing the state-of-the-art in membrane science & technology through basic research,
  • Delivering new technologies for producing high performance membranes,
  • Developing novel applications of membrane, and consulting industrial users in membrane selection and membrane based operations.

Ultimately, to be a world-class center of excellence for Membrane Science and Technology, and serve as a national coordinator for membrane activities.


The functions of CMT are exposed through the following set of screens:

  • Academic Research: To conduct membrane-related fundamental research and pioneering studies and so forth.
  • Technology Development: To convert research creativity into feasible projects, and to accept projects as consigned by the industrial sector.
  • Information Networking: To enrich membrane-related publications and periodicals in university libraries, and to share research findings and emerging global know-how through symposia and publications.
  • External Services: The industry is encouraged to submit samples for characterization and test utilizing the Center’s instruments and equipment. The Center’s researchers will also render confidential consulting services.
  • Exchange Culmination: To host workshops and seminars by inviting acclaimed foreign scholars and experts to call on Taiwan to excel academic exchange.

Developed Technologies

Membrane Separation System

  • Development of Membrane Materials and System for Pervaporation (Patent issued)
  • Development of Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment
  • Separation Passageway Module, Separation Unit, and Separation Boat for Suspension Separation (Patent issued)

Membrane Fabrication Technologies

  • The Devices and the Molding Methods for the Continuity Thin Film (Patent issued)
  • Method and System for Fabricating Tubular Filter Media (Patent issued)
  • Nanomaterials-modified Chitosan Membrane (Patent issued)
  • Method for Preparation of Chitosan Membrane Containing Inorganic Nanoparticle (Patent issued)
  • Method for Preparation of Composite Membrane for Organic Solvent Separation Application (Patent issued)
  • Method for Fabrication of Porous Ceramic Membrane

Membrane Modification Technologies

  • Continuous Plasma Surface Treatment Technique for PTFE Membrane
  • Method and System for Modification of Hydrophobic Materials (Patent issued)

Membrane Module Design

  • Method for Spacer Design Used in Spiral-wound Membrane Module (Patent issued)

Membrane Characterization System

  • System for Characterizing Electrokinetic Properties of Flat-sheet Membranes (Patent issued)
  • Method and System for Measuring the Zeta Potential of the Cylinder’s Outer Surface (Patent issued) and host international conferences.