Short Course IV-April 11, 2015

Filtration Media Market and Technologies

Filter medium is the key component in all modern filtration technologies. From nonwoven, membrane, ceramic, metal, activated carbon and other porous materials to nanofibers, this new 8 hour short course, first offered at the WFC12 in Taiwan, will provide you a comprehensive understanding of the filter media market, technologies, products, and future development trends. Both air and liquid filtration will be covered.


Dr. Christine Sun

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Global Filtration Market
    1-1 Introduction to filtration and separation
    1-2 Key market segments in air and liquid filtration
    1-3 Common filter media types
    1-4 Market statistics and opportunities
    1-5 Drivers for continuous growth and megatrends

  2. Air Filtration
    2-1 Primary mechanisms and media technologies
    2-2 Air filtration in HVAC systems
    2-3 Air filtration in transportation
    2-4 Industrial air filtration
    2-5 Personal protection
    2-6 Standards and testing
    2-7 Unmet needs and opportunities

  3. Liquid Filtration
    3-1 Principles of liquid filtration
    3-2 Diverse media technologies in liquid filtration
    3-3 Liquid filter media technologies and products
    3-4 Liquid filter media selection criteria
    3-5 Standards and non-standard tests
    3-6 Unmet needs and opportunities

  4. New product developments in air and liquid filtration
    4-1 Nanofiber technologies and products
    4-2 Integrating nanofibers into your new product development
    4-3 Advanced hybrid media technologies in filtration
    4-4 Future development trends